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Air Cooler Articles

Abnormal weather a hot August blight

IF YOU thought it has been unseasonably warm lately, you are correct – the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that this is almost certainly going to be the hottest August on record by a big margin.

Power Demand Hits New High As Mercury Soars

NSW set a summer record for electricity use yesterday as people turned up their air-conditioners to combat another day of scorching temperatures.

Highlands Fire Fight 'far From Over'

COOLER, damp weather has significantly slowed a fire burning out of control in Morton National Park since Sunday, although accompanying low-lying cloud has hindered attempts to tackle the blaze from the air.

Phenomena Demystified

SEA fog occurs when very humid, warm air combined with an onshore breeze is blown across a cool sea.

Real Scientific Scepticism Takes A Cooler Look At Warming Arguments

Miranda Devine is either mischievous or terribly misinformed ("Greenies goga-ga over emissions", December 18).